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Our Programs Enjoy:

  • Fun and Safe Practice environments
  • Mature and Experienced Coaches
  • Organization at every level
  • Participation in the top Regional and National tournaments
  • Exposure to Collegiate Coaches
  • Year-round Player Development

Connect with us:

Triad Elite Lacrosse offers the top student athletes in the Triad region of North Carolina the opportunity to play lacrosse at the highest level.  Our goal is to expose our student-athletes to the best competition in the nation's top collegiate recruiting tournaments and camps.  We feel there is a great pool of talent with the ability to play at the next level here in the Triad.

TEL is committed to building highly skilled student-athletes in pursuit of taking their game to the next level. Our philosophy is modest but essential. Our student-athletes will be exposed to progressive lacrosse techniques, skills and game situations while continuing to develop the basic fundamentals of the game.

We feel that actively participating on a competitive team combined with an established coaching staff will provide student athletes the opportunity to gain college exposure while developing needed life skills such as leadership, teamwork and good sportsmanship.


TEL offers experienced and qualified coaching.  Led by our program director Ira Vanterpool, who is a m ember of the '95 National Championship Lacrosse team at Syracuse University and played an integral role in steering the Orange to consecutive Final Four appearances in '96, '97, and as a team Captain in '98.  Coach Vanterpool has been coaching Lacrosse at the high school level for 18 years, starting at Norwalk High School in Norwalk, CT.  He currently serves as the director of lacrosse and head boys' varsity coach at Greensboro Day School in Greensboro, NC.

Program Objectives:
1. Build character, work ethic and sense of team in every participating student/athlete.
2. Build team chemistry, team comes first.
3. Master lacrosse essential skills.
4. Expose HS players to collegiate coaches and advocate their abilities.

5. Guide each player through the recruiting process.

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